Re: libgsf and bzip2

Le lundi 12 février 2007 à 22:17 +1100, David Hislop a écrit :
I'm building a library and tools (libwpd) on MinGW that uses, among 
other things, libgsf.

It seems that libgsf has an undocumented dependency on bzip2.dll (or 
one I can't see :-) ). The versions I'm using are libgsf 1.14.3 and 
bzip2 1.0.3. I downloaded libgsf binaries and dev from Gnome, and 
bzip2 binaries and dev from GnuWin32 on SourceForge.

It is not more undocumented than other deps. configure checks if bzip2
is there. I have no idea about how the dll was built.

Everything builds, but executing one (well, any) of the tools fails 
with entry point BZ2_bzCompress 8 not found in the DLL bzip2.dll.

and the symbol really does not exist in bzip2.dll? Is there any
BZ2_bzCompress* in it?

The libgfs package config file doesn't mention a dependency on bzip2.

It can't, there is no bzip2.pc file.

I've tested bzip2 with a prog that calls BZ2_bzlibVersion(), compiled as
   gcc bztestmain.c -o bztestmain -lbz2
and it works fine.

Any hints or info to correct anything dumb I've done would be appreciated.


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