Re: LibGSF on Windows


Ryan Pavlik wrote:
I changed it to libz.dll.a as you suggested, and configure went off without a hitch. make install complained about the lack of -lzdll, so i copied the same file to libzdll.a as it was originally. This appeared to work. Thanks!
libtool shouldn't look for -lzdll unless a pc (pkg-config) file of another package asks for it. Could you please check that?

There is no at all (which I think is what the warning is suggesting).
This is strange. The message "warning: library `c:/MinGW/lib/' was moved" often means that the value of 'libdir' in doesn't match with the path where is actually placed (i.e. c:/MinGW/lib/). This warning message is in fact critical to the Win32 build, and the subject library will not be linked correctly. IMHO, we should purge all unnecessary .la files when using libtool on Win32. I always do that.

[1] because it seemed more recent and coherent than the one from TML [2] which had been used in its 1.8.1 version for previous versions. Is this what you would recommend?
I would recommend [2] as it's actually the official Win32 binary of iconv:


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