Re: LibGSF on Windows

Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Hello Gnumeric and LibGSF hackers and users!

Hi there.

> - The zlib dependency.  configure checks for -lz, but the file
> installed with a proper zlib 1.2.3 install is libzdll.a.  Copying this
> to libz.a is hacky, but appears to at least allow the build to advance
> further.  (The build stops at a linking step if you rename rather than
> copy.)
IMHO libzdll.a should be named as libz.dll.a. However it's the official name hardcoded in win32/Makefile.gcc...

> libtool: link: warning: library `c:/MinGW/lib/' was moved.
Please try to remove/rename c:/MinGW/lib/ la files on Win32 is not necessary required and somtimes confuse libtool on Win32.


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