goffice and cairo


Here's some words on what I'm working on currently.

Last weeks, I've tried to finalize the cairo SVG backend for its
inclusion as supported backend. So I hope next stable cairo will have
good PDF, PS and SVG backends.

It will then be possible to ditch our current rendering engine and
replace it by a simplified one, based on cairo.

So my plan is to implement this simplified engine, and validate it by
using it in two plot plugins, via a new GogView::cairo_render.

Here's the current in-progress API:

typedef struct _GOPathPoint       GOPathPoint;

GOPath *go_path_new           (void);
GOPath *go_path_new_with_size (int size);
void    go_path_free          (GOPath *path);

void go_path_set_sharp  (GOPath *path, gboolean sharp);

void go_path_move_to    (GOPath *path, double x, double y);
void go_path_line_to    (GOPath *path, double x, double y);
void go_path_curve_to   (GOPath *path, double x0, double y0, 
                                       double x1, double y1, 
                                       double x2, double y2);
void go_path_rectangle  (GOPath *path, double x, double y, 
                                       double width, double height);
void go_path_ring_wedge (GOPath *path, double cx, double xy,
                                       double rx_out, double ry_out, 
                                       double rx_in, double ry_in, 
                                       double th0, double th1);
void go_path_arc        (GOPath *path, double cx, double cy, 
                                       double rx, double ry, 
                                       double th0, double th1);
void go_path_pie_wedge  (GOPath *path, double cx, double cy, 
                                       double rx, double ry, 
                                       double th0, double th1);
void go_path_marker     (GOPath *path);
void go_path_close      (GOPath *path);

typedef struct _GOCairo GOCairo;

GOCairo *go_cairo_new           (void);
void go_cairo_free              (GOCairo *gcairo);

void go_cairo_push_style        (GOCairo *gcairo, GogStyle const *style);
void go_cairo_pop_style         (GOCairo *gcairo);

void go_cairo_push_clip         (GOCairo *gcairo, GOPath const *path);
void go_cairo_pop_clip          (GOCairo *gcairo);

void go_cairo_stroke            (GOCairo *gcairo, GOPath const *path);
void go_cairo_fill              (GOCairo *gcairo, GOPath const *path);
void go_cairo_draw_shape        (GOCairo *gcairo, GOPath const *path);
void go_cairo_draw_markers      (GOCairo *gcairo, GOPath const *path);
void go_cairo_draw_text         (GOCairo *gcairo, double x, double y, char
const *text, GtkAnchorType anchor);

void go_cairo_get_text_OBR      (GOCairo *gcairo, char const *text,
GOGeometryOBR *obr);
void go_cairo_get_text_AABR     (GOCairo *gcairo, char const *text,
GOGeometryAABR *aabr);

double go_cairo_line_size       (GOCairo const *gcairo, double width);
double go_cairo_pt_2r_x         (GOCairo const *gcairo, double d);
double go_cairo_pt_2r_y         (GOCairo const *gcairo, double d);
double go_cairo_pt_2r           (GOCairo const *gcairo, double d);

void go_cairo_render (GOCairo *gcairo, cairo_surface_t *surface);

The final step would be to port all existing plot plugins. I think I'll
move pixbuf caching to gog_control_foo_canvas, and image_export and
get_pixbuf to GogGraphView.

Regarding printing, since there's no gnome-print backend for cairo, I
guess we can just render graphs as raster image.

Any comments, questions ?


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