Re: gnumeric-list Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1

I've seen a number of msgs on this list about compiling a verion, usually the latest, of Gnumeric. I've tried myself too.

What I haven't found yet, and not only for Gnumeric, is a good how-to on
actually doing such compiling safely and cleanly without disrupting one's working environment. That is, I have 2 "main" working machines, one running Xandros 3.02, which gets Gnumeric 1.4.3 (sigh!) using apt-get, and Ubuntu Dapper, which get's (as far as I can tell) 1.59 (it may have just got to 1.61). But to really check tests, I need the latest release.

The difficulties are that if one tries to install the "new" libraries, existing and needed applications can become unworkable. Some sort of safe sandbox (chroot environment) is likely needed. But some good, sane, advice would be helpful. I've had suggestions of putting up Gentoo, but I've played distro-roulette enough to now be very careful about making changes. I've also some critical, everyday things I must keep working.

To ensure that I'm not just complaining, if someone sends me rough notes and I get things working, I'll be happy to edit and prepare the HowTo and to the extent my schedule allows maintain it. I use Linux, but I'm prepared to try to help out on other platforms with editing a HowTo or possibly running a WinXP boot that I do have available.

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