Windows Version with more lines required

Hello all,

as a new subscriber and user of Gnumeric I have read about a feature that would be very useful to me. I am 
talking about the possibility to recompile Gnumeric with more than 64k lines.

Unfortunately my main use of this feature would be in a windows environment. To me, a version that could 
handle more lines than 64k would be great help. The optimal size would probably be 512k rows x 64 colums as 
it fits my needs for 99% of the cases. A version of 256k lines x 64 columns still would fulfil 95% of my 
The main problem is that I have no clue on how to make this recompile for windows work. I am shure that you 
have read about this problem several times already and maybe the version I search does exist already. In this 
case I would be very delighted if somebody could point me in the direction.
Else if somebody who has the knowledge on how to perform this recompile could supply me with a 512k x 64 
version that would be greatly appreciated. I am fully aware about the performance drawbacks that might have, 
but I assure you that whatever they might be, I will gladly accept them.

I am new to this list and if this topic is something like a no-do thing I would like to appologize 

Thanks for all who read this and even mors so to the white knight who can supply a Windows version with more 
than 64k rows.

Best regards,

ps: I am no english native speaker so I hope all my phrasings are understandable and I have not typed to much 

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