Re: question about Gnumeric XML format

On Tue, 2005-20-09 at 23:51 +0200, Henry Proudhon wrote:
Ok thanks a lot, renaming as .gnumeric.gz then gnuzipping did the job.
For info, I found the 0-9 compression level in the preference dialog but 
it doesn't seem to change smthg, I still get the binary file with 0 and 
the filesize is the same whatever I choose. I'm running gnumeric 1.4.2

I just tried it with current cvs and setting the compression to 0 does
the job (if you first quit gnumeric after setting it to 0). I do recall
though a problem with that but I don't remember when it was fixed. If
you update to 1.6 as soon as it is released you should be able to write
ungzipped files if you so desire.

Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow
Dept. of Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Concordia University College of Alberta

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