Problem with multiple selections and graphs.


One of my students, using gnumeric-1.5.90-rc1.exe, got a strange scatter
plot. I could find what she did. The data were in B1::O1 and B3::O3. To
select these data, she first selected B1, pressed the Ctrl key and
selected B1::01 and B3::O3.
The result was two series:
first series, X-values=B1, Y_values=B1::O1
second series, X-values=B3::O3, no Y-values.

I made also tests on unix with HEAD, and could, of course, reproduce.
The worse case I got was when I first selected A1, then pressing Ctrl,
the two columns A and B, and clicked on the graph button. gnumeric
enters a very long loop (about one hour) creating 32000+ series (I
killed the process after clicking next, so I do not know how long it
takes to go to the second page).

Best regards,

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