Re: Problem with multiple selections and graphs.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 09:31:28AM +0200, Jean Br?fort wrote:

I made also tests on unix with HEAD, and could, of course, reproduce.
The worse case I got was when I first selected A1, then pressing Ctrl,
the two columns A and B, and clicked on the graph button. gnumeric
enters a very long loop (about one hour) creating 32000+ series (I
killed the process after clicking next, so I do not know how long it
takes to go to the second page).

I've adjusted the logic that decides col major vs row major.  We
used to use just the first selected range.  We now use the total
number of cols and rows in all the selected ranges.  It's an
approximation but it's going to avoid worst case scenarios.

Anyone with a better idea ?

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