Re: Native port of Gnumeric for Mac OS X

Jody Goldberg a écrit :
On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 03:01:21PM +0200, M-Rick wrote:

Can we expect to have a native port of Gnumeric like it has been done
for Abiword ?

The native port of Abiword works perfectly in Mac OS X and it is
perfectly integrated, and it starts really really faster than NeoOffice
(Mac OS X native port of
So would it be possible to do the same for Gnumeric ? Like this we would
have a very good, real and free alternative to MS Excel.

Although it would be possible to do a non-gtk version of gnumeric,
it would be a huge amount of work.  A OSX port of Gtk would be much
more useful than porting just Gnumeric.

An early Glance at GIMP on OS X

I’m very excited today :-) My co-worker Anders Carlsson has spent the last two months with starting a port 
of GTK+ to the Mac OS X Cocoa framework, so GTK+ applications will eventually run natively (without needing 
X11) on that platform.

The port is still in its early stages and incomplete, but after these few weeks it’s already complete 
enough to give compiling GIMP a try.

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