RFE: warning with export filters

Hi all,

I have a suggestion for futur versions of gnumeric.

The problem is the following: when you export to another file format
(e.g. .xls), it is not garanteed that you won't lose some information,
a) some features have not yet been implemented in the export filter
b) the file format does not support some features (e.g. .xls format only
supports 2 Y-axes for the graphs)

The bad solution taken by OO.o is to always warn if you save in a
"foreign" file format. This is really anoying and sub-optimal.

A better solution that I would like to see in gnumeric would be to warn
only if some information will be lost (e.g. not warn if you just save a
simple spreadsheet in .xls), and to actually list what will be lost,
"Warning: some information will be lost during the export process
a) your graph contains more than 2 Y-axes, but the .xls format supports
only 2 Y-axes
b) ..."

Would that be feasible?



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