Re: Date arithmetic

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 08:30:21PM -0500, Dave Feustel wrote:

Sounds like another bug in the BSD package.

I have worked my way through my printing problems
What was the solution ?

and am now looking forward to upgrading to OpenBSD 3.7 which will
have a newer version of Gnumeric. I am beginning to use Gnumeric a
lot although my calculations are *really* simple.  I would like to
help make Gnumeric run well on OpenBSD. My time is limited because
of the number of hours I put in on my job, but I will do what I

It would be very helpful if you could make detailed bugzilla reports
of any problems you find.  The key to getting things fixed is for us
to replicate the problem.  The best bugs are the ones that are very
clear on exactly what version is being used, and provide detailed
steps on how to reproduce the problem.  Most problems are actually
pretty simple once we locate them, the hard part is finding them.

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