Re: Date arithmetic

On Wednesday 22 June 2005 08:41 pm, Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 08:30:21PM -0500, Dave Feustel wrote:

Sounds like another bug in the BSD package.

I have worked my way through my printing problems
What was the solution ?

Adding Headers and Footers, then getting them to print
with the headers and footers, printing to pdf file puts each
sheet on a separate page, which I was previously accomplishing
by printing each sheet to a separate file. Now I just print the entire
spreadsheet to a single pdf file and then print the pdf file using

I spent a lot of time trying to get the spreadsheet to fit one page
each time I modified it. Somewhere I clicked a 'fit to page' option, 
so I don't spend time tweaking the column widths any more

Gnumeric is no longer crashing on me, but I save my changes frequently
just in case.

The feature that I could use the most at this point is the ability
to do calculations using data from either an external spreadsheet or
from a database. I am working with a downlevel version of Gnumeric,
so I am waiting until I get the new version before I get too active about
filing bug reports or making suggestions about new features.
Ideally I would like to be able to recompile Gnumeric from source.
With that capability I could start tweaking the code  :-).

and am now looking forward to upgrading to OpenBSD 3.7 which will
have a newer version of Gnumeric. I am beginning to use Gnumeric a
lot although my calculations are *really* simple.  I would like to
help make Gnumeric run well on OpenBSD. My time is limited because
of the number of hours I put in on my job, but I will do what I

It would be very helpful if you could make detailed bugzilla reports
of any problems you find.  The key to getting things fixed is for us
to replicate the problem.  The best bugs are the ones that are very
clear on exactly what version is being used, and provide detailed
steps on how to reproduce the problem.  Most problems are actually
pretty simple once we locate them, the hard part is finding them.

I like to think that I am very good at testing. One of the problems with
reporting bugs in Gnumeric is that the version I'm using has so many
bugs,  possibly because in OpenBSD the user application file structure
is not like other systems.  (Most, if not all application files go into
/usr/local/ rather than into /usr). I will document bugs with bug reports 
more often when I am working with a more current version of Gnumeric.
I see a lot of error messages in the console log - a feature I like since it
shows that gnumeric is aware of things going wrong.

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