Re: Conditional formatting

Chris Potter wrote:

I've read a few of the discussions on conditional
formatting, but I haven't seen one possible route to
solving this puzzle mentioned.

If cells can contain RTF, why not just make it
possible to insert formatting codes (eg \b{} \i{})
into an RTF cell?  That is, if you want a cell to
display the value in A1, and make it bold if it's
greater than 10, you could use


I'm sure I might be overlooking some reason why this
is impractical or impossible, but I just wanted to
make sure.


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I recently needed a very simple form of this, but found no mention of a way to implement it. I want a single cell, whose height I will adjust, to contain several lines of text. That is, I want the content of the cell to be a string containing characters that will be converted to newlines when displayed.

I had done this previously in the Mesa/2 spreadsheet in OS/2, where typing (I dimly recall) Ctrl-Enter put a newline character in the string. An encoding with visible characters in the control positions was used on the input line so you would see the presence of those characters without having to suffer any consequence of their usual effect while editing the input. I also recall learning about this feature by reading the documentation.

--RT Bumby
 Rutgers Mathematics Department

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