Re: Does OpenBSD Have a Spreadsheet That Prints Properly?

Hello again,

If you can't get gnumeric working on OpenBSD, why don't you install one
of the linuxes? There are a number of friendly distributions (Debian,
Red Hat, Ubuntu, Mandriva ...) which have effective output onto pdf or
onto paper. You could even use a bootable CD version of linux and you
would not have to install anything onto your hard disk. 

Please refrain from further posting on this list about alternatives on
OpenBSD. That distribution has a number of resources which are better
suited to your question. *This* list is specifically about gnumeric so
asking about alternatives is inherently off topic. 

Personally, I will not answer any more of your questions on this
subject. Note, in passing, that *every* one of your paragraphs begins
with the first person personal pronoun. This list is about a community
not about *you*, please treat it as such.

all the best,

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 16:53 -0500, Dave Feustel wrote:
I write this as a person very committed to OpenBSD as a secure desktop.

I can say from experience that, running with KDE, neither Kspread nor Gnumeric 
on OpenBSD 3.6 are useable (by me, at least) for hard copy of even simple 

I am beginning to think *very* seriously about using a Windows computer 
*just* to run MS Excel so I can get reliably and straightforwardly the hard copy 
I need. Neither gnumeric nor kspread running on OpenBSD 3.6 qualify on the 
basis of my brief  experience with those two programs.

I will continue to use OpenBSD for accessing the internet, but my business
related computing/printing tasks may well have to be done on Windows.  

Dave Feustel
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