Does OpenBSD Have a Spreadsheet That Prints Properly?

I write this as a person very committed to OpenBSD as a secure desktop.

I can say from experience that, running with KDE, neither Kspread nor Gnumeric 
on OpenBSD 3.6 are useable (by me, at least) for hard copy of even simple 

I am beginning to think *very* seriously about using a Windows computer 
*just* to run MS Excel so I can get reliably and straightforwardly the hard copy 
I need. Neither gnumeric nor kspread running on OpenBSD 3.6 qualify on the 
basis of my brief  experience with those two programs.

I will continue to use OpenBSD for accessing the internet, but my business
related computing/printing tasks may well have to be done on Windows.  

Dave Feustel

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