RE: Gnumeric on Maemo - Preliminary Patch

On 6/9/05, Priit Laes <amd store20 com> wrote:
When I checked the patch, it seemed to be based on 1.4 version of
Gnumeric. I may be mistaken though, but IMHO, the better target would be
1.5.x (Gnumeric CVS HEAD) because Nokia 770 will be released in 2005 Q3.

You are right. We are working on gnumeric last stable version (1.4.3) and that is because we first had to 
have this concept proof to know if the work would be possible or not. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to 
use the official Gnumeric CVS repository due our security policies, but i have already downloaded the last 
version (1.5.2) from the website and i will start my work on it.

But, there is also one thing I do not like about this patch - the way it
get's rid of accelerators. There should be alternatives to #ifdefing all
the strings containing accelerators. (Also if Nokia 770 has support for
USB or Bluetooth keyboards, is stripping them a good idea?)

Well, the accelerators were stripped due the display restrictions. The menu area was covering almost all the 
770 screen. Is there any way to keep them without showing the keyboard shortcuts (like Ctrl+N for "New") in 
menu?? One choice is to keep the underlines and take the accelerators off.

Thanks, Eduardo

Eduardo de Barros Lima
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
eduardo lima indt org br

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