Gnumeric on Maemo - Preliminary Patch

Hi everybody,

    First, i'd like to introduce myself. My name is Eduardo and i am working in INdT with application 
development and port for the maemo development platform. Last weekend, Renato announced that we are working 
in the port of gnumeric to the Maemo platform. So, now we have a preliminary patch.

    To test gnumeric on the maemo SDK, follow these steps:

    . install scratchbox- 
    . create a target with the i386 rootstrap
    - run scratchbox
    . startup the UI

    (detailed instructions for the steps above can be found at

    . install the support packages needed to compile gnumeric, from:
      (the maemo sdk is based on parts of debian/testing - and so are the support packages)
    . download the gnumeric source code to the /tmp directory
    . extract the source (tar -xvzf /tmp/gnumeric-1.4.3.tar.gz)
    . cd to gnumeric-1.4.3 directory (cd gnumeric-1.4.3)
    . apply the patch (patch -p0 -s < /tmp/gnumeric-maemo_support-2005-06-03.patch)
    . extract the extra pixmaps (I will send the pixmaps in a reply to this email, due to the size of the 
    . run aclocal (it will result some warnings, don't worry :D)
    . run automake
    . run autoconf
    . run ./configure with the option --enable-hildon
    . make && make install
    . run gnumeric using " <path-to>/gnumeric" ( is used to load Hildon 
GTK+ theme for standalone apps)
    . voilá!

   Now, regarding the modifications we implemented: This patch adds basic Hildon support to Gnumeric, but is 
not complete. (our objective is to share it with you, hoping you can give us feedback on it)

   Specifically, work is ongoing on dialogs - we are working on the UI (generally diminishing the space used 
by all dialogs, moving previews to other tabs, etc)

   Finally, somewhere in the future, we would be glad if we could merge our changes upstream. Of course, we 
understand that our code is still very raw, and that it will be needed to work on it much more. (for 
instance, we are working on the stable version of gnumeric - this code needs to be ported to CVS HEAD)

   Thanks a lot, and have fun!

Eduardo de Barros Lima
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
eduardo lima indt org br

Attachment: gnumeric-maemo_support-2005-06-03.patch.bz2
Description: gnumeric-maemo_support-2005-06-03.patch.bz2

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