RE: Gnumeric on Maemo - Preliminary Patch

Ühel kenal päeval, N, 2005-06-09 kell 17:50, kirjutas
eduardo lima indt org br:
Hello there,

   Did anyone tried to compile gnumeric on the Maemo platform??? Any 
   problems with the patch?? It  would be nice to have some feedback 
   about that... :) 
I haven't yet had time because of the final exams and thesis.
   I am working on the first release of the debian packages (arm/i386), 
   and there is some work to do yet, specilly with the glade dialogs...
   Last, are there plans on how to merge the modifications with CVS?  
When I checked the patch, it seemed to be based on 1.4 version of
Gnumeric. I may be mistaken though, but IMHO, the better target would be
1.5.x (Gnumeric CVS HEAD) because Nokia 770 will be released in 2005 Q3.

But, there is also one thing I do not like about this patch - the way it
get's rid of accelerators. There should be alternatives to #ifdefing all
the strings containing accelerators. (Also if Nokia 770 has support for
USB or Bluetooth keyboards, is stripping them a good idea?)
Priit Laes <amd store20 com>

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