Re: Another gnumeric printing problem

Tried that along with lpc and lprm.
Nothing stopped the printer printing garbage
until I deleted the files from  /var/spool/lpd/aps1

That is not a Gnumeric problem.

I printed an older pdf file no problem, so the current print
problem seems to be in bk2.pdf which was generated
by the 'print to pdf file' command in gnumeric.

pdf is well specified.  Either the file is correct or it is not.  Your print
command may not be the best way of checking as we have seen
bugs in other pdf-handling programs.  The way to figure it out it to
file a bug report against gnome-print at

And if you attach an alleged pdf file that causes such trouble, perhaps
we can even see if it is correct.

To reiterate, the entire gnumeric print dialog is buggy,
buggy, buggy. The rest of gnumeric is working well for me.

That is what you say.  And say again.  And again.  It is not useful!
I really wish you would back it up with a coherent statement as to
what is wrong.

How do you expect us to help you with no useful leads leads to
go on?


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