Re: Another gnumeric printing problem

On Thursday 09 June 2005 02:55 pm, Morten Welinder wrote:
To reiterate, the entire gnumeric print dialog is buggy,
buggy, buggy. The rest of gnumeric is working well for me.

That is what you say.  And say again.  And again.  It is not useful!
I really wish you would back it up with a coherent statement as to
what is wrong.

I believe, on the basis of the various print problems I see, that qa testing
on the print dialogs is either not done at all or else done minimally. Prove 
me wrong by pointing me to a url where the print test procedures are that
are used to test the gnumeric print functions so I can convince myself
that the feature testing is comprehensive. Try doing a print to pdf file
twice in a row without changing the output file name and see if gnumeric
crashes when you do so. IT does 100% of the time on my system.

Having said that, I concur that filing bugzilla reports is the best way to
get the bugs fixed. My problem is that I don't have time to  file (much less
learn how to file) bug reports while I am trying to work around print problems
as I attempt to meet real-time report deadlines. I would prefer to upgrade
to the most recent gnumeric and see if the print problems go away.
The question is how to do that without changing operating systems since
one of the disadvantages of using OpenBSD is that the packages are almost
always out-of-date.

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