Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 09:11:20AM +0100, Trouilliez Vincent wrote:
Email is not the web; please do not use HTML in email.

Oops sorry, I was just assuming that the list's server automatically
converted all messages to plain text, as that's what all the other lists
I am subscribed to, do. I will try and make sure I send plain text
messages in the first place in the future :o(

There are many packages that depend on "libgsf-1", either directly or
indirectly. The direct list ("apt-cache rdepends libgsf-1") includes
important packages like "gdm" and "librsvg2-2" (on which "nautilus" and
"gimp-svg" depend; "gimp" in turn depends on "gimp-svg").

Yep that was it, no GDM, no Nautilus, no Gimp, no nothing
basically ! :-/

Thank God (Penguin God ie, of course ;o) I managed to recover my system
in an eye blink, wasn't as difficult/troublesome and time consuming as I
first feared. Still, I have learned my lesson well ! ......

Just a minor followup.
gsf 1.11.0 came out with gnumeric 1.4.0
You don't _need_ it, but you'll probably want it if you're

gsf is used by librsvg, which is used by just about everything.
1.11.x is abi compatible with 1.10.x which should have been
compatible with 1.9.x.  We put alot of effort into keeping things
stable, the packagers should not have made the new version conflict.

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