Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

Email is not the web; please do not use HTML in email.

Oops sorry, I was just assuming that the list's server automatically
converted all messages to plain text, as that's what all the other lists
I am subscribed to, do. I will try and make sure I send plain text
messages in the first place in the future :o(

There are many packages that depend on "libgsf-1", either directly or
indirectly. The direct list ("apt-cache rdepends libgsf-1") includes
important packages like "gdm" and "librsvg2-2" (on which "nautilus" and
"gimp-svg" depend; "gimp" in turn depends on "gimp-svg").

Yep that was it, no GDM, no Nautilus, no Gimp, no nothing
basically ! :-/

Thank God (Penguin God ie, of course ;o) I managed to recover my system
in an eye blink, wasn't as difficult/troublesome and time consuming as I
first feared. Still, I have learned my lesson well ! ......



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