Re: Libgsf 1.10 !!!!!!!

Hi David,

Well, thanks for shedding some light on this. In the future I will not delete older versions of libs when I update them !! :-/
Well, I have been using Linux for only 6 months, so I am still learning new things everyday. And today I learnt the HARD way ! :-/
Gnome was actually part of my distro (Ubuntu, which is built around Gnome and only Gnome), so I will re-install everything tomorow, will probably take me whole day.
Nevermind, I learned a lesson, so it's not totally useless I guess. pfff....


Vince, big mistake today....

On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 17:43 +0000, David J Craigon wrote:
Generally, you don't need to uninstall old versions of your libraries 
when you install new ones. Suppose you have a library called, 
version 1. You install it, and the following files appear in /usr/lib- 
/usr/lib/, and a symbolic link- /usr/lib/ When 
you compile new programs they all link throught the symbolic link, but 
_are actually linked specifically on /usr/lib/ You can see 
this by running ldd on anything on /usr/bin.

Now you install version 2. /usr/lib/ appears, and 
the link /usr/lib/ is moved to /usr/lib/ All the 
programs you compiled before still reference /usr/lib/ 
(version 1), but any new programs compiled will use version 2.

(caution- I know 0% about synaptic, apt, or Debian)

So, in summary, even though you've installed the new libgsf, all your 
programs still relied on the old version. synaptic knew this, and 
deleted them all when you asked it to remove the library. You should 
have just left both installed, which probably would not have had any ill 

I can't offer much specific advice, but 1) I reckon your computer will 
reboot, just without gnome  2) to rescue, try and reinstall all of the 
gnome pacakges using however-you-installed-them-in-the-first-place.

Hope this explains (if not actually helps),


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