Re: Problem with Excel import on ARM

+++ Morten Welinder [04-05-13 13:20 -0400]:

You can try adding printfs to the libgsf code to see if it gets there.
However, the msole_prop_parse assertions makes we want to know what
value G_BYTE_ORDER has on your system (and whether it is correct).

I was about to do that and then realised your point about the exact cpp
define name - it's almost certainly not 'ARM' so that bit of code isn't
being run (I expect). I manually defined ARM and am recompiling to test

In the meantime I've been told that the correct condition (to avoid breaking
other things later is:
#if defined(__arm__) && !defined(__vfp__) && (G_BYTE_ORDER == G_LITTLE_ENDIAN)

I'll test that assuming I get some joy this time.

I've also noticed a lot of "'blah' had different signedness" warnings when
building libgsf - is that to be expected? One thing that often catches
people out is that, with gcc, ARM chars default to unsigned. I'll take a
look at that too.

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