Re: Problem with Excel import on ARM

+++ Morten Welinder [04-05-05 13:18 -0400]:

Please try this.  (Similar changes, if they work, are needed for the
output side too.  I have no idea what the right cpp symbol is, btw.)
OK, sorry it's taken 8 days - that's how long it took me to get a working X
environment with gnumeric in it for me to reproduce the original problem and
test the patched libgsf-1.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have done the trick. Might there be other
functions where this problem manifests itself? Or should I stil in some
printfs to check I'm not going mad?

At the moment I'm working with a machine over vnc and I have to get someone
else to install updated libs (no root access) which is a pain. Hopefully
I'll get a local one working too soon (but at the moment it just page faults
when starting gnumeric), which will speed up testing.

--- gsf-utils.c.~1.20.~       Tue Apr 27 08:03:21 2004
+++ gsf-utils.c       Wed May  5 13:17:25 2004
@@ -200,7 +200,12 @@
 gsf_le_get_double (void const *p)
+#if defined (ARM)
+     double data;
+     memcpy ((char *)&data + 4, p, 4);
+     memcpy ((char *)&data, (const char *)p + 4, 4);
+     return data;
      if (sizeof (double) == 8) {
              double  d;
              int     i;
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