Re: Problem with Excel import on ARM

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 05:01:03PM +0100, Wookey wrote:
Hi people. I've just signed up to this list as I'm involved with a project
that wants to use Gnumeric on a small-form-factor device. I'll send a
another mail about how we can spend some time improving Gnumeric for use on
small screens, touchscreens etc, and looking for advice on the best ways to
minimise it's footprint.

That would be interesting.

I'm trying to grok the gnumeric source in order to track this down. I'd like
to know how I can get to see the various debug messages that gnumeric
obviusly has in the excel import plugin. Do I run gnumeric with an option?
Do they appear in a logfile somewhere? Do I need to change compile-time
options (the code seems to default to having the debug messages present)?

We removed the command line flag a while ago, but you can set them
via a debugger.   See plugins/excel/boot.c for details.  They just
get dumped to stderr

Also is it possible to build the plugin in some kind of standalone/test

Depends what you mean.  The plugin can be rebuilt independently of
gnumeric, bug gnumeric is required to run it.
And is it possible to see the results of such an import using some kind of
command-line thing, because right now there are difficulties getting X to
work on the ARM machine I am using for building and testing, and if I could
run something like gnumeric --ignore-display --import <foo.xls >result it
would speed up testing enormously.

You can use ssconvert to load xls and save as gnumeric then read the
xml.  You could also export to csv but that loses more information.

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