Re: Charting and excel format

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 09:43:22AM +0100, Parrenin Fr?d?ric wrote:
Hi Frank,

Yes, I think it is normal behaviour for XL exporter: chart support has
not been implemented yet.  I also wait for this feature, that
would put us very close to perfect XL format support.  It seems it
is planned for the 1.3.x series. Jody will perhaps confirm.


My first priority is to get the win32 build in place, but the next
step after that is to work on the chart export.  That needs to be
done early in the cycle to get as much testing as possible.  MS
apparently does not do much in the way of validation on its inputs.
We've had several instances where Gnumeric and OOo could read the
a file, but XL would crash.

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