Moving named cells


Daniel Malaby has recorded a bug (123649) that identifies the current
result of moving named cells.

In summary he says...

If a named cell is moved - dragged, rows inserted above, columns
inserted to the left - the coordinates of the named cell remain
unchanged.  While all child cells acknowledge that a move has occurred,
the location of the named cell (parent) doesn't actually change, the
child cell looks to where the named cell should now be, but cannot find
it (throws it's hands in the air and gives up, resulting in the name
being swapped for a #REF!)

Fixed relative references with the '$' symbol aids copying and pasting
and filling.  But regardless of how a parent cell is referenced, if a
parent cell is moved, all child formulae should be (and are) updated
with the new location.

I agree with Daniel Malaby and believe that named cell movement should
be treated in the same manner as any other parent cell movement.

Having said this, I've no real idea how Gnumeric manages cell movement,
or how the name -> cell reference database is stored.  But if the name
-> cell reference database could merely be updated, and a recalculation
performed, then Daniel's comments would probably be resolved.

This would certainly make modifications to workbooks easier to perform.


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