Re: Gnumeric has branched

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 09:00:42PM +0200, Uri David Akavia wrote:
    - Scripting ape

One question - does Gnumeric have plans to use SWIG. I understood
AbiWord is planning on writing a C API and plugging it using SWIG, to
enable other language bindings.

Yes, that is definitely one of the avenues we're looking at.
Even if we don't use swig (no strong feelings either way) the first
step is to define a C api and object model, then wrap it in other
One more comment/question - What do you guys think about enabling true
3D graphs (for example, a Scatter Plot with X,Y,Z)? Will this be
difficult to implement?

It depends.  We have no plans to implement the pseudo-3d
bar/col/line/pie plots.  That seems completely useless.
We will support surface plots one day, but do not consider it a
priority just now.  I'd rather see some of the plots fleshed out and
more options added to the axis first.

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