Re: Matrix + scalar operations fail...

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 05:23:40PM -0500, Aaron Gaudio wrote:
In OpenOffice Calc (and presumable Excel), the following is legal:


This will multiply each cell in the range by 10. Other math operators
work similarly.

In gnumeric though, this results in "#VALUE!".

Specifically, I am using a function like the above and applying it over
an array (i.e. I select a range, type in a formula like above, then use
Cntl-Shift-Enter to apply it).

This is the last remaining XL evalution semantic that we don't
support yet.  I've been calling it 'implicit iteration'.  Gnumeric
1.2.x can handle it for function arguments, but I haven't finished
it for operators.  Its not terribly difficult, but I'm always a
smidge worried about playing in there.  It will definitely be added
during 1.3, and might back port to 1.2 if it is as simple as I

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