Re: Feature request: Export to SQL

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 04:44:30PM -0600, Mike Perry wrote:
Thus spake Jody Goldberg (jody gnome org):

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 03:12:26PM -0600, Mike Perry wrote:

The gnumeric side would be trivial.  There are lots of examples on
how to write an export filter.

Excellent. I assume you mean in the src tree itself?

Yes, although there are examples outside the tree too.  Inside is
currently much simpler.
I suppose the hardest part would be exporting db functions.. But a nice
start would be just to take a snapshot of all values, and export to SQL
just so you can run some quick queries.

I suspect that you'd want some sort of gui to configure what goes
where.  That is less well defined.  Only the text exporter handles
that currently.  It's not hard, just not as pretty as I'd like.
The main limitiation is that there is nowhere to store the
parameters right now for resaving.  That will get addressed in the
1.3.x cycle.

So by this you mean there is no way to restore the gnumeric functions
and their arguments once you export to a flat format, like text or
simple SQL?

No.  Although that would be something of an issue for columns
exported by value.  My meaning was that there could be a fair amount
of configuration needed to map the sheet data to external tables.
It would be useful if that configuration could be stored and used
for multiple saves.

Can I view the 1.3.x roadmap anywhere? What is the timeframe on it?

The roadmap is quite general.  Release is targeted for june.  We
have several features that would be nice to get in before then.
Anything not sufficiently stable will be bumped.  If we hit all of
them the next version is 2.0, otherwise it will stay 1.4.

High level feature targets are
    1) win32 build
    2) scriptting
    3) conditional formats
    4) pivot tables

Architecturally the only major goal is to pull whatever is necessary
out of gnumeric and into libgoffice so that it can be released.

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