Re: Feature request: Export to SQL

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 03:12:26PM -0600, Mike Perry wrote:
Hey, it would be really cool if gnumeric could export/import its sheets
to/from SQL tables (ie a table definition and a series of INSERT
commands that could be used by any SQL server). Are there any plans to
support this? How hard would it be to code? If there's a nice easy way
to write a file format plugin, I might volunteer at some point (prolly
not for the next 3 months tho).

The gnumeric side would be trivial.  There are lots of examples on
how to write an export filter.
I suppose the hardest part would be exporting db functions.. But a nice
start would be just to take a snapshot of all values, and export to SQL
just so you can run some quick queries.

I suspect that you'd want some sort of gui to configure what goes
where.  That is less well defined.  Only the text exporter handles
that currently.  It's not hard, just not as pretty as I'd like.
The main limitiation is that there is nowhere to store the
parameters right now for resaving.  That will get addressed in the
1.3.x cycle.

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