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I will try to make a reproducible sequence of events for the fatal error
in excel 97 file and send the crashing file.

As for the save-as issue. tested on gnumeric 1.2.5, gnome 2.4.1, FreeBSD

1. open gnumeric 1.2.5

2. save the document to 'book1' as a excel 5.0/95 file - gnumeric title
bar reads book.gnumeric

3. save-as the document to 'book2' (this time the excel 5.0/95 format
will be preselected in the save dialogue box) - gnumeric title bar still
reads book1.gnumeric

4a. attempting to save the new file again ('book2'), save tool bar
button, save menu item, Ctrl-S, all bring up the save-as dialogue box
with 'book1' as the file's name

4b. On gnumeric 1.2.5, gnome 2.4.1, FreeBSD 4.9 pressing the save
button, menu item, etc resulted in a instant save of the document to

Hope this helps.


On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 07:55, Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 06:57:43AM +1000, frank brierley wrote:

The save-as experience was encountered while saving as the excel 5.0/95

So you saved as xl95, then went to resave and it was back to xl97 ?
I can not replicate that.

As a side note, I was using the excel 5.0/95 format as the excel
97/2000/XP format seemed to make files that caused excel 97 to crash
during opening.  Strangely, excel 97 was the only spreadsheet
application that couldn't open the files, gnumeric and openoffice had no

There were problems with the excel 97 files produced by gnumeric
before 1.2.5 when attempting to load them in locales other than
north america.  Our testing didn't pick it up.  1.2.5 should have
fixed it.  If you have any workbooks that do not export cleanly
_please_ contact me immediately.  round tripping xls files is a
primary goal.

Please send me a sample of the problem and I'll ensure that things
are fixed for 1.2.6 which is due any day now.
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