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What kind of blank lines are you referring to? Blank rows should be
translated into blank rows of the html table. If you are talking about
blank lines inside a cell, then they will only be preserved with a
recent cvs version.

Both of these were taken from the same excel file.

This one was saved via the excel "save as html"
(this is merely to show how the original excel file looked)
Notice the defined spaces between the floor plans and the
availability section:

This one was saved using ssconvert
(ssconvert xxx.xls index.html)
Notice that the spaces are considerably smaller.
In the original doc, there are four rows of space

Well, there really seem to be two empty table rows. THey are contained
in both the XL-generated html code and the gnumeric generated code. The
only difference is that the XL generated code contains style
specifications refering to a style sheet that seems to contain fixed row
heights and column widths, while the gnumeric generated html uses
default widths.

I personally don't think we should hardcode the widths and heights.

Most of the formatting loss from the original is acceptable.  But
I need more spaces between the different sections.

/needs more cowbell.

These warning messages mean that libgnomeprint can't find Arial.

So how should this be remedied?  I thought Arial was a standard font.

What makes you think that Arial is standard? It is not one of the
original Adobe Postscript font but a relatively new invention.

Does an entry need to be added to the libgnomeprint config file?

If you in fact have Arial, then it should be referenced in the
appropriate configuration file. 

Andreas J. Guelzow
Taliesin Software, Shelties, Pyr Sheps
and Shetland Sheep

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