Two ssconvert questions.

Hi there.

I'm using ssconvert to change excel 97 spreadsheets into html documents.
This will be done via nightly automated scripts.

Right now there are two things that I have questions about:

1. I've noticed that some of the formatting of the original spreadsheet
is not being fully preserver (understandable).  Most of it is
tolerable.  However ssconvert seems to have a problem with blank lines
(spacers).  It isn't preserving that.  Is there a way to tell it to
allow blank lines?  Or, is there a way to tweak the templates or
ssconvert's html output?

2. When converting docs, I get this message about six times:

(gnumeric:6952): WARNING **: GnomePrint: Requested Arial but using
Bitstream Charter (Bitstream Charter Bold 18.000000)

(gnumeric:6952): WARNING **: Trying to fallback to 'Sans'

Obviously the program is complaining about not finding the Arial font. 
But what can be done about it?  Do I have to modify something to tell
ssconvert that the font is there?


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