Re: Gnumeric vs. OOCalc

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 04:38, Parrenin Frédéric wrote:
If you need to show these numbers, Calc is still better because it has
more features:
- The charting engine is not finished in gnumeric
- Drawing objects support is also very rough (lines, rectangles, labels,
- wmf images inserted in xls files are not imported
- lack of Rich text formatting inside cells
- lack of support for cells styles
- lack of "follow modifications"
- lack of spell checking
- lack of "split panes"

I don't use Calc or XL, so I can't compare, but I thought "split panes"
is what Gnumeric calls "frozen panes".

- lack of text orientation
- rough support of headers and footers for printing

"rough"? What are you looking for that you can't do in Gnumeric? 

Andreas J. Guelzow
Taliesin Software, Shelties, Pyrsheps
and Shetland Sheep

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