Re: paradox support: help needed

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 06:26:05PM +0100, Uwe Steinmann wrote:
2. The library can also call an external error handler. Same question as
   in 1. 
What sorts of errors ?  The io_context passed into the reader is the
best place to register warnings and errors.
All kinds of errors within the library, like not sufficient memory
or passing bogus parameters to functions.
In many cases it is probably ok to through the internal error message
away and just do some more general error reporting. Though, i find
it always useful to get an error msg from the place where the error actually
occured. I guess I will have to extend my error handler with some
pointer to user data, in order to pass the io_context.

hmm.  For internal errors something like, g_warning is probably the
best bet.  The io_context is better suited to high level user
visible problems.

When can we see the code ?  It would be nice to get it in as soon as
1.3.x branches.
Do you just want to have a brief look into the plugin code or shall a
send a patch to the current cvs? The patch will contain everything,
changes to, po/, plugin/, ...
A full patch is probably the best bet.  We can't put this in until
things branch but when it does go in things like
support and such are important to keeping the rest of the tree

Does pxlib use pkg-config ?  That would be ideal.

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