Re: paradox support: help needed

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 04:12:40PM +0200, Uwe Steinmann wrote:

I have written a C library to read and write (still experimental)
paradox files. I thought about writing a plugin for gnumeric but
but stuck. The other plugins helped to get an understanding on how
a plugin must be programmed but have been to different to make me

If somebody with more gnumeric experience could assists I will
start a second try. I thought about providing a skeleton or something.

Sure.  I can walk you though it.  Lets do it on the list (if you
don't mind) so that the conversation is available for others.

The xbase plugin is probably your best bet.  Its fairly old, so the
structure is a bit baroque, but it should cover the broad issues of
importing a database file.

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