Re: question about freezed panes

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 04:44:35PM +0200, Parrenin Fr?d?ric wrote:
Also, crossing the boundary of the upper pane with the cursor leads to
an autoscroll, e.g.:
-select A10
-freeze panes
-page down several times
-select A9
-hit the bottom arrow
=> lower pane has autoscrolled
I think it is not necessary.

I disagree on that one.  Think aboutthe situation when you button
down on A9 then drag downward.  That should definitely scroll the
lower panes (note: I use 'autoscroll' to mean scrolling due to a
drag outside the sheet).  Hitting down arrow at the boundary is
debatable.  I don't see the intervening elements as hidden, just
scrolled.  So it seems reasonable to assume a user wants to go to
the next row rather than the next visible row.  It would be fairly
easy to make this a preference, but we're starting to get too many
of those already.

OK, with this new patch, you can now modify your cells in the upper pane
without experiencing an autoscroll (it was possible before with a
copy-paste from the lower pane, but it was a bit tricky...). 
If you are in the last line of the upper pane, you have to hit <tab> to
not have an autoscroll. As long as you have more than a cell in the
upper and left pane (and this is often the case...), you can keep your
lower pane scrolling by hitting <tab>, <shift>-<tab>, <return> or
<shift>-<return> to not cross the boundary.

However, I still disagree. I don't see the point if you drag the
selection across the panes boundary: if the next visible cell after A9
is A20, then select all the A9-A20 range. If you want to select A9 and
A10, then you will have to use "split panes" instead of "freeze panes".
(that will be hopefully in gnumeric very soon :-) )

This introduces an asymetry.

A9  <Down> goes to A20
A20 <Up>   goes to A19 

I can see the argument for not wanting enter to jump you down while
editing the upper panes, but don't agree on the drag selection.
Factoring in the irregularity mentioned above and I think the
behaviour with these patches is probably a reasonable balance.

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