Re: some other notifications about gnumeric 1.20

On Thursday 09 October 2003 23:24, Jody Goldberg wrote:
And one thing more... Very useful feature in OpenOffice Calc is 'value
highlighting', eg. for avoiding occasional overwriting the formulas.
 can this in future be implemented in Gnumeric too?

Can you expand on what you mean here ?

With 'value highlighting' on OO.o paints the entries so that values,
containing formulas are green, entered numeric values dark-blue and all other
entries remain black.
It is useful, I think - at first when you accidently type something in
 formula cell, you can afterwards see, that there is no formula any more or
 again, when it is necessary to override a formula, overwritten cell always
 shows up. And it is good too, when you can tell to secretary 'Don't write to
 cells with green numbers!' ;)
This is only display option and doesn't affect printout.


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