Re: some other notifications about gnumeric 1.20

Ok, the baby is starting to settle into a routine and I can clear
out my mailbox.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 06:31:19PM +0300, Ain Vagula wrote:

1. I select a cell and give him some formatting, e.g. background color. Then I 
merge this cell with some others. After splitting the merged area the cells 
that were merged, remain formatted. I don't think, other spreadsheet 
applications behave so?

I'd call this an implementation detail.  It does not seem worth the
effore to emulate other apps quite to this level.  The current
behaviour makes sense to me.  If you can convince me otherwise, we
can change it.

2. It is impossible to select the content of a cell with double-clicking or 
even dragging the cursor.

known.  the in sheet editor could use some bells and whistles.  For
now you can select the text up in the edit line.

3. When exporting an Excel sheet with grouped (outlined) regions, it is not 
possible to expand groups clicking at plus sign before group. At first I must 
expand and then collapse all groups with grouping level button at top-left, 
only after this I can use plus and minus buttons for each particular group.

bugzilla please, with a sample file (gnumeric or xls) with details
on exactly how to replicate.

And one thing more... Very useful feature in OpenOffice Calc is 'value 
highlighting', eg. for avoiding occasional overwriting the formulas. Maybe 
can this in future be implemented in Gnumeric too?

Can you expand on what you mean here ?

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