Re: dumb question - cursor movement on [enter]

On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 03:52:08PM +0100, Richard Lyons wrote:
Probably not the place to ask, but I've skimmed the whole manual (good 
document!), and tried all the menus and not found the answer.  How do 
I stop the cursor from jumping to the next row after entering cell 
contents and pushing [enter]?

There is no option to change the behavior currently.  It would be
trivial to add but no one has ever asked before.  
BTW, I didn't know gnumeric had all those statistical functions and so 
forth.  Reading the manual, I was impressed.  I usually use gnumeric 
when I want a spreadsheet - OO is too slow to load, Koffice doesn't 
run on any distro I've tried, and gnumeric is always there, ready and 
willing.  And it reads M$ files beautifully.

Thanks.  Wait till you see 1.2 :-)
Lots more goodies.

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