Gnumeric 1.1.20

Gnumeric 1.1.20 aka 'Dryden : Mar 7 1995 - Aug 20 2003, he was cuddly' is now available.

    This release of GNOME's spreadsheet is _huge_.  We've spent the last 2
    months squashing bugs, getting the docs in shape, and polishing up the text
    importer.  Trying to summarise the NEWS entries is daunting.

    Gnumeric-1.1 is now in beta mode.  We'll be doing weekly releases until
    1.2.0 comes out hopefully on Sept 8.  This includes a string freeze
    everywhere accept the charting engine.  The charts are now somewhat useful,
    Emmanuel contributed ring, line and area plot support, Jean greased up the
    gradients, and I tacked on patterns.  There are still some rough edges but
    you can get real work done now.

    We also hit a major milestone.  All of the worksheet functions in the US
    version of MS Excel are now supported.  The text importer has now been
    cleanup, and should address all of the common requests for the 1.0.x version.

    NOTE : Package this release.  It is stable enough for general deployment
        and use, for all intents and purposes 1.1.x is now at least as
        stable as 1.0 (we hope)

    NOTE :
        This is a touch worrying.  Although the Bonobo build is the default
        please drop back to non-bonobo if you run into trouble

Adrian Custer:
        * Get the new documentation building.

        * Fix analysis tools dialogs again
        * Fix text export of non-ASCII characters
        * Fix latex export of non-ASCII characters
        * Allow latex export to use utf-8 if required
        * Avoid duplicate regression tool error messages
        * Added new function SSMEDIAN (social science median, or 
          median for grouped data)
        * Added a locale selector to text import.
        * Fix 115542 (cs_CZ bug), 115503 (auto-fill of dates)
          and many others
        * Fix landscape printing
        * Save header/footer defaults
        * Update consolidate dialog
        * Permit to ignore any columns during text import
        * Add column header menu to format page of text import
        * Fix locale specific parsing on paste
        * Add undo to inserting of sheets via the tab context menu
        * Clarify insert/append sheet commands
        * Change layout of preference dialog
        * Make fill->series undo-able, redesign its dialog
        * Make Data->Text_to_Columns undo-able
        * Add help button to auto-format and plugin manager
        * Make Tools->Solver undo-able
        * Make Tools->Goal Seek undo-able
        * Make Duplicate Sheet undo-able
        * Reduce the occasions when the undo chain is being flushed
        * Make Edit->Sheet->Remove partly undo-able
        * Add standard output selector to consolidate tool
        * Make Edit->Fill->Tabulate Dependency undo-able
        * Add simple session management

Ben Liblit:
        * Another attempt at configure time path generation.

Emmanuel Pacaud:
        * New format selector for stf.
        * Ring plots
        * Line and Area plots

Gustavo Carneiro:
        * Use gnome-common detection for libtool version

Jean Brefort:
        * Support image files in chart areas (background, bar/col or pie)
        * Initial pass at supporting patterns in chart areas.

        * Fix the generated source files.
        * Clean out the internals of PreviewGrid.
        * Cleanup Auto-Format dialog.
        * Printing support for charting engine.
        * Fix printing of images.
        * Coup de grace to gal, importing the 75 lines of e_xml we used
        * Keynav for auto-format dialog
        * Fix jumping to internal links in a different sheet
        * Add XML persistence for charts
        * Misc Charting improvements & fixes
        * Add YEARFRAC to put us at 100% coverage
        * Fix some format generation bugs
        * Rationalise and document the SheetObject::print interface
        * Cleanup line/arrow/filled sheet object config dialogs
        * An initial implementation of bonobo-less File -> Send To
        * Recalc fix for functions that did not use the collect utils
        * Work on Charting Engine.
        * Function doc patches to go with the new doc framework.
        * Function doc spelling and grammar.
        * Fix glitch in xls hyperlink import.
        * Undocumented flag on cell comments in xls
        * Import cell comments from >= xl97 too.
        * Object text labels from >= xl97.
        * Fix export of strings > 8224 characters in xl97.
        * Fix style export in the presence of validation and hyperlinks.
        * Spinner/Scrollbar import for xl 95 & 97.
        * Fix 118723
        * Work on image persistence in xml
        * Revamp chart styles and patterns
        * Improve behaviour of auto-filters with ins/del col/row
        * Make mmult smarter about what constitutes a 3d ref
        * Improve import of gnumeric-1.0.x era graphs
        * Fix crash on xls export for autfilters with no conditions.
        * Some basic work on axis

John Gill:
        * More More XLish heuristics for autofill range selection.
        * Support End keys, and XL style 'transition' keys

Jon K?re:
        * Improve color combo.
        * Fix keynav for various kinds of combos.
        * Make splash screen display code clairvoyant.
        * Import 1.1 from clipboard.
        * Export XHTML to clipboard.
        * Fix clipboard export of non-Latin 1 content as text.
        * Fall back to string when import from clipboard as
          table/spreadsheet fails.
        * Import incomplete html fragments, as produced by
        * e.g. Mozilla, from clipboard.
        * Fix bugs in Python loader.
        * Polish Python console.
        * Add workbook_new() to Python bindings.

Joseph Pingenot:
        * Spin buttons
        * Slider objects

        * Hopefully fix NAN issues on Alphas.
        * Plug auto-format leak.
        * Import all gal widgets we use.
        * Fix lots of UTF-8/filename problems.
        * Make pixmap combos multi-head safe.
        * Make colour combos multi-head safe.  Fix latent memory corruption
        * Fix incorrect range highlighting in non-expressions like "10:23".
        * Improve character set handling of pastes from other apps.
        * Improve stf import's handing of strange line terminators.
        * Fix nasty locale-changing problem (localeconv data changing
          underneath us).
        * Make locale handling UTF-8 safe.
        * Unify our three regexp quoting functions into just one (correct)
        * Make pretty-printing clarify trees like "-2^2" into "(-2)^2".
        * Fix cell entry display for strings with initial quote.
        * Implement ODDFYIELD.
        * Reduce flicker in format selector widgets.
        * Fix another O(n^2) problem in stf import.
        * Fix YEARFRAC.
        * Speed up loading.
        * Use pool allocation for cell style tiles.
        * Fix rounding and error problems with GCD and LCM.
        * Make +/- buttons work for changing precision of fractional formats.
        * Fix +/- buttons for cells with value formats.
        * Fix +/- buttons for currency formats.
        * Make the 1000-separator button do something more useful.
        * Improve the support for fractional formats.
        * Improve auto-format for date differences.
        * Clean up style format code.
        * Fix parsing of fractional constants.
        * Improve progress display a bit.
        * Show default image for types we don't recognise.
        * Improve fixed-width stf.
        * Fix reading 1.0 xml files lacking encoding.
        * Handle file save errors that happen after the initial open.
        * Major speed-up for certain dynamic dependencies.

* Availability

2003 Aug 21

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