Re: gnumeric-list digest, Vol 1 #931 - 4 msgs

Yes, that website is lagging because I'm swamped in other projects, but 
I am really hoping to get to it in the next week. A slow but steady dose 
of guilt will help. :-)

questions. The documentation unfortunately does not exist yet because
I've been lazy. See to
get started but even that is being outdated by the development work
going on in Gnumeric.

And yes, I'd *love* to be able to do python scripting *in* gnumeric. My 
ideal interface would be to go to a cell, open up an edit window for 
that cell, and enter a python script where the array references are 
transparently converted to python numarray, or similar.  I'll do what I 
can to support those who really know how to do that, and maybe learn 
enough to help.

In the meantime, plugins are getting better!

Charles R. Twardy               Monash University, School of CSSE
ctwardy at alumni indiana edu   +61(3) 9905 5823 (w)  5146 (fax)
  "eloquence ought to be banish'd out of all civil Societies as a
   thing fatal to Peace and good Manners..."          ~Sprat 1667

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