Re: pythong scripting

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 01:00:55PM +1000, Charles Twardy wrote:
Actually that is already supported, and documented.  You can create
spreadsheet functions in python and register them with Gnumeric.
Pass a range as an argument and you'll be able to interact with it
at the other end in python.  The interface could use a bit of
tuning, but the functionality is there.

It's more a macro language that I'm thinking of myself.  Creating
functions is useful (I used excel a number of years back to interpolate
data similar to pressure contours on a weather map).  What I'm look for
at the moment though is more along the lines of creating a quick macro
to copy the value entered into the current location to the end of a
table somewhere else, or to run a preset filter on some data and so on.

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