Post-1.2: function description localization proposals

Problems we currently have:
- Hard to track changes to function descriptions
- Function descriptions are in the same po as the rest of Gnumeric
strings, although translating them is not a core requirement => big po,
- Function guru contains uncapitalized function names that are not
- Some parts of the function descriptions are in xml files, some inside
<function name="cell"/>
static char const *help_cell = {
            "@DESCRIPTION="[...]") };
This is redundant.

Possible solutions:
- Completely separate out function description translation from current
po dir, add fn-po dir. Don't install those files, only use them for XML
merging (see below).
- Move the whole function descriptions into XML files. Reduce strings by
using the following syntax:
<function _name="cell" _arguments="type,ref" _description="This function
- Lead a detailed ChangeLog on XML changes or introduce some other
innovative way to track string changes. Changed words should somehow be
highlighted. Maybe a script that diffs the XML file revisions that have
changed between the last xy.po commit.

Further thoughts, comments, suggestions?


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