Re: Problem in testing translation (gnumeric)

Hi Slobodan,

петак, 15. август 2003. 20:33:36 CEST — Slobo написа:

I have noticed (it is not hard to notice indeed) that a lot of strings I have translated don't appear when start gnumeric to test translation. Almost everything under Gnumeric preferences (Format menu item --> Gnumeric item) is staying in english even I am absolutely sure I have translated these strings. There is more not just that.

I was late to notice that the problem you experienced was related to schema files. Though, I have sent a mail earlier this afternoon on our local translation list (serbiangnome-lista nongnu org) on how to solve that, and what steps do you need to take.

You should have read that list prior to posting here -- I even titled the message with a "Solved" string ;-)

Basically, all you do is the following:
- put your translation in the gnumeric/po source directory (eg. gnumeric-1.1.19/po/sr.po) - add "sr" to the list ALL_LINGUAS in gnumeric-1.1.19/ (perhaps you can get away with putting this in configure file, when you won't need to do the next step)
 - run automake, autoconf
 - ./configure it
 - build it with "make" and install it

Instead of building the whole thing, you can probably just build the "schemas" directory ("cd schemas && make && su -c 'make install'").


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