Re: Problem in testing translation (gnumeric)

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 08:33:36PM +0200, Slobo wrote:
Hello all gnome friends!

My name is Slobodan Sredojevic and as member of Serbian GNOME Translation team 
( I am responsible for gnumeric's "sr" translation. Have a 
problem ...

I have noticed (it is not hard to notice indeed) that a lot of strings I have 
translated don't appear when start gnumeric to test translation. Almost 
everything under Gnumeric preferences (Format menu item --> Gnumeric item) is 
staying in english even I am absolutely sure I have translated these strings. 
There is more not just that.

What I did:
1. made translation
2. msgfmt -cv reports no errors (maybe there are when use -f swith but I think 
it is not problem - I am using compendium file a lot.
3. cd /usr/share/locale/sr/LC_MESSAGES
4. msgfmt -o /path/to/translated/po/file
5. export LANG=sr_YU in gnome-terminal
6. start gnumeric

The translated text for those options is merged into the gconf
schemas when they are installed.

Try adding
5.5) cd gnumeric/schemas ; make install

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