Problem in testing translation (gnumeric)

Hello all gnome friends!

My name is Slobodan Sredojevic and as member of Serbian GNOME Translation team 
( I am responsible for gnumeric's "sr" translation. Have a 
problem ...

I have noticed (it is not hard to notice indeed) that a lot of strings I have 
translated don't appear when start gnumeric to test translation. Almost 
everything under Gnumeric preferences (Format menu item --> Gnumeric item) is 
staying in english even I am absolutely sure I have translated these strings. 
There is more not just that.

What I did:
1. made translation
2. msgfmt -cv reports no errors (maybe there are when use -f swith but I think 
it is not problem - I am using compendium file a lot.
3. cd /usr/share/locale/sr/LC_MESSAGES
4. msgfmt -o /path/to/translated/po/file
5. export LANG=sr_YU in gnome-terminal
6. start gnumeric

Related to this  I wanted to see is this was also true for german translation 
but it was gut ;). So I found advices related to intltool problem from lead 
member of serbian transl. project (Danilo Segan) not solving this problem.

One member of serbian translation team also confirmed problem.
All other translations are valid.

Any suggestion?
Anyone interested to test this can grab yet unfinished po file from this link and follow steps 2-6.

Slobodan Sredojevic

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